Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is DataShop?

DataShop is an online data delivery system that can send you free data updates across the whole of the Cambridge catalogue. You can choose to subscribe to regular email or ftp updates in industry formats or you can create your own datafiles to load directly into your spreadsheets or databases. There is no limit to the number of files you can subscribe to or create.

How much does DataShop cost?

There is absolutely no charge to use DataShop. It is a free service for information on all Cambridge University Press titles.

Who can use DataShop?

Anyone with access to the internet. There is a simple registration process and you are identified by email name. Click here for a list of supported browsers.

What does 'Remember me' mean?

When you sign in using your email address your browser can "remember" this information. Check the box and you will not have to sign in each time you come back.

What type of file can I download?

ONIX International, HTML, MARC 21, tab-separated, comma-separated, plain text and data with jackets formats are available.

Cover images in both .gif and .jpeg format in a variety of sizes. (Covers can also be requested to accompany your specific datafile)

Samples from the book in PDF or HTML. These include excerpts (c.10 pages from the first chapter), description, table of contents, front matter, index and copyright information.

What data can I receive?

DataShop offers a large range of data from simple files (such as daily updates of price and availability) to much richer files including data of your choice. Over 70 data elements are available including title and author information, full descriptions and subject codes. In addition prices are available in GBP, Euros, USD (including Asia region), CAD or AUD. It is also possible to select titles which are available from either the UK, US or Australian warehouses.

How will my file be delivered?

If the file is under 5MB in size it will be sent by email. If over 5MB, it will be placed onto the DataShop ftp site and an email will be sent giving instructions for its download. Alternatively, if you have your own ftp site, you may request DataShop delivers your files direct to this.

How can I define my file?

DataShop will use all the criteria you select to find your records. As you select more criteria, the number of titles meeting those criteria will be reduced. If you have any problems or questions, please contact datashop@cambridge.org for assistance.

What will the file look like?

The first file you receive will be a complete file of all Cambridge titles that meet your selection criteria.

If you choose to customise your own file, Datashop will first send you an email listing the data fields you have chosen and ask you to confirm, by clicking the email link, that these fields and the order they appear in are satisfactory. If you wish to change any of the fields, see below in Can I change my datafile?

Can I change my datafile?

Changing the file is simple. Return to DataShop homepage. Select view your saved datafiles. Click on the filename to display the original request criteria, which you may then edit and update.

Options to re-run, duplicate, delete or view the history of a file are also available.

How can I receive updates?

Once you have entered your datafile criteria you will be automatically sent updates as often as you specify; daily, weekly or monthly to suit your needs. These files will contain updates of those original records and new records meeting your criteria. Alternatively, you may choose to receive the full file rather than just new or updated records.

How can I change my email address?

Go to the 'My Details' screen, make your changes and click the 'Update' button.

How do I get help with a query which is not answered here?

Use the contact us link or email datashop@cambridge.org.